Jellyfish Tattoos: Meaning For Women and Men, Styles, Desing

Jellyfish tattoos and its meaning is one of the most mystical tattoos you will ever encounter. It is one of the ancient and unique sea creatures, which is shrouded in a halo of mysticism and mystery. There are many meanings associated with this sea creature, both mystical and realistic.

jellyfish tattoo on the thigh

Roma Saenko

For many artists this creation gave a new impetus to their creativity, as there is a huge number of variants of design and appearance of the jellyfish tattoo. Most of these tattoos seem alien, and the palette of colors used in the creation of the body image, at one sight leads to delight.
Jellyfish tattoo is suitable for any gender and can be done in a variety of styles and color schemes.

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning


Jellyfish can symbolize longevity and immortality for several reasons. First, they have existed since the time of the dinosaurs, indicating their longevity and stability over time.

Second, it has been scientifically proven that some species of this species, including Turritopsis dohrnii, are immortal and can continue to live forever if they do not fall prey to predators. When this species begins to age, it is capable of transforming into polyps and starting life anew, which symbolizes the possibility of a reboot and a new beginning.

Jellyfish tattoo


So, if you are looking for a symbol that can inspire you to immortality, longevity and the possibility of starting life anew, the jellyfish can be an excellent choice. For example, the immortal jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii can be your guide if you seek life changes and want an endless opportunity for self-renewal.


These creatures are one of the few species capable of thriving in the face of climate change. Oceans whose waters are warming create favorable conditions for them to spread into regions that they were previously immune to. However, this spread can become a problem because they can threaten natural predators and cause problems in various areas, such as tourism, fisheries, and the electricity supply.

Jellyfish tattoo

David Joseph Kline

Despite these problems, jellyfish remain impressive creatures of nature. If you have survived many challenges and want to reflect this in a tattoo, such body art can be a symbol of survival and adaptability for you. It can remind you that you have been able to overcome many obstacles and keep moving forward. However, before you get a jellyfish tattoo, you need to consider its meaning and possible problems associated with its proliferation.


Did you know that jellyfish were sent into space? Surprisingly, it’s a fact! Jellyfish, while not possessing eyes or ears, use small hairs on their bodies for orientation and navigation. In 1991, scientists decided to conduct an experiment to determine if it was possible to grow humans in space, starting with a few jellyfish polyps. And it turned out that jellyfish did well in weightlessness and even multiplied! After returning to Earth, the jellyfish treated the water like an unfamiliar place.

Jellyfish tattoo for women

Jennifer R Donnelly

Feeling uncomfortable in a new situation? A jellyfish tattoo can remind you that you can adapt and adjust to any environment, whether it’s space or a new place of work.

Place For a Tattoo

Most jellyfish tattoos are large because a jellyfish is a long and bulky creature, and if you add other elements to the tattoo, it makes it look even larger. Most large tattoos look better on the back and thigh.

Jellyfish tattoo on the back for men

Federico Rems

These two places are ideal for her, as they will fit any sketch of this theme. Many people also do it on their chest and ribcage.

If you want a medium to small sized sketch of your choice, a great place for it would be the arm. Putting this tattoo on your arm makes it more visible.

Jellyfish tattoo on the forearm


But if you want to make a jellyfish tattoo more exciting and unique, you should definitely get one on your back or thigh. No matter where you get the tattoo on your body, it will look incredible.

Once you have an idea of what design you want, choosing the perfect spot will be pretty easy.

Jellyfish Tattoos Styles

The sea dweller tattoo can be done in a variety of styles, depending on the person’s preference. Some of the most popular styles in which tattoos can be performed include:

Black & Gray Jellyfish Tattoos

Black & Gray style jellyfish tattoos can have many different variations and styles, depending on exactly how the tattooist chooses to portray the jellyfish.

Black & Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

However, usually such tattoos represent the jellyfish in an abstract form, using gradations from black to gray, and using different shadows and transitions.

New School Jellyfish Tattoos

New school jellyfish tattoos are bright and large images of a jellyfish, done using bright and saturated colors, as well as thick outlines and lots of detail. Usually such tattoos represent a jellyfish in the style of comic books or cartoons, and may include various design elements such as stars, waves, splashes of water, etc.

New School Style Jellyfish Tattoo

Mike Lewis

New school style tattoos can be very expressive and striking, as well as quite large, making them a great choice for those looking for a large and visible tattoo. In addition, these images can be very creative and original, allowing the tattooist to use their creativity and present the jellyfish in a unique style.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoos

A watercolor style jellyfish tattoo can look spectacular and colorful. Watercolor uses bright and transparent colors that create the illusion that the image on the skin is soaked in paint, like a watercolor drawing on paper.

Jellyfish tattoo on the back

Rodrigo Tas

This style is suitable for creating a more abstract and soft image of the jellyfish, which helps it look more alive and moving. The blurry and soft lines characteristic of watercolor can convey the lightness and fluidity of a jellyfish in water.

Realism Jellyfish Tattoos

A realism tattoo is an image that is as close to a real jellyfish as possible, including its shape, color, texture and details. This style is suitable for creating a very realistic and detailed tattoo.

Realism jellyfish tattoo

Vic Vivid

Such a tattoo can look very impressive, especially if done by an experienced tattoo artist. By working out every little detail, such an image can make it feel as if a jellyfish is really coming to life on a person’s skin.

Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish dotwork is a work created by using many small dots to create an image of a jellyfish. This style is suitable for creating a sketch that looks unique and detailed.

Jellyfish Tattoo in Dotwork Style

Kamil Czapiga

Such artwork looks beautiful and impressive when different sizes and colors of dots are used to create a gradient effect. In the Dotwork style, dots are often used to create jellyfish details such as tentacles, bubbles, and body texture.

Geometry Jellyfish Tattoos

A geometry style tattoo is an image that consists of geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, rectangles, rhombuses, etc. This style is suitable for creating a more abstract and modern look for a jellyfish tattoo, while maintaining its recognizability and basic features.

geometric jellyfish tattoo

Pozdeev Denis

Such body art can look very stylish and expressive, especially if contrasting colors and bright hues are used. The geometric shapes used in the geometric style can make it feel as if the jellyfish is composed of different geometric shapes and lines.

Meaning For Women and Men

Jellyfish tattoos can have different meanings for men and women, depending on how they interpret the symbolism of this sea creature.

For men, the jellyfish tattoo can represent strength, grace and freedom. These creatures have smooth movements and a handsome appearance, which can be appealing to the male gender. They can also symbolize endurance and survival, as they survive conditions that can destroy other living creatures.

Jellyfish tattoo for men

Matty D. Mooney

For women, a jellyfish tattoo can represent femininity and mystical beauty. They can also symbolize sophistication and grace, especially when moving in the water. In addition, jellyfish can be associated with volatility and surprise, as their movements are not always predictable.

Jellyfish tattoo on the thigh for women

Mad Max

Regardless of gender, this image can serve as a reminder of adaptability and endurance. It can also reflect the theme of water and its relationship to emotion, creativity, and change.