Peony Tattoos: Meaning For Girls And Men, Styles, Desing

There are several wonderful meanings for each peony tattoo, so it’s not at all surprising that people like tattoos of these flowers. These flowers have many different kinds to choose from, and they look just wonderful on the body when done by the best craftsmen. If you are leaning in favor of one of these tattoos or you are just curious about the different meanings of this flower that are associated with it, we invite you to read this article to the end.

Myths Of Peony

In Greek mythology, Peony was the god of herbs and healing. According to myth, Peony was a disciple of Asclepius, the god of healing, who taught him the healing properties of plants. One day he began to heal the goddess Hecate, who was wounded in battle. He used the roots of a flower that has since borne his name, Peony.

peony tattoo

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According to myth, Asclepius was jealous of his disciple’s success and decided to kill him, but before he struck, he noticed that the root had medicinal properties and stopped. He taught Peony everything he knew and enabled him to become a god of medicinal herbs.

In this myth, the peony symbolizes the power of healing and the healing power of plants. Therefore, these plants are still often used for medicinal purposes and their flowers are a symbol of well-being, health and longevity.

forearm peony tattoo meaning

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There are several other legends dedicated to this plant. But no matter which story you decide to believe, it will not change the fact that the flower is very charming and is a great tattoo idea not only for women, but also for men.

Tattoo Peony Meaning

Love – the rose is not the only romantic flower in the world. People have been using peonies as a symbol of love since Egyptian times. In the 20th century, it was common among couples to give each other these flowers for Valentine’s Day.

You can dedicate your tattoo to those you love. It doesn’t have to be your significant other. You can express your love for your relatives or friends.

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Honor – this plant has a special place in the culture of Eastern countries. Warriors used it as a symbol of honor during the Qing, Tang and Song dynasties. You can also get a peony tattoo as a symbol to show your love, affection and honor for your country and compatriots.

Peony tattoo meaning

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Luck – peonies have been associated with good luck since Roman times. It was later popularized by Chinese and Japanese businesses to sell it in foreign markets. The trade in this plant provides a livelihood for many poor farmers in Asian countries. If you believe in good luck, a peony tattoo will surely bring you some good karma points.

Peony tattoo for women

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Prosperity – peonies played a crucial role in China’s economy after World War II. The Chinese government during the Cold War struggled to establish itself as a major economy, not just a flower-trading country. However, it was agriculture that helped Mao’s government gain seed money for its future economically successful projects.

Tattoo of a peony on the hand

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Variety Of Elements In Peony Tattoos

When considering a tattoo design, you may encounter several common combinations.

This is no accident, the meaning of one tattoo symbol often changes when paired with another. In the case of the peony, you can make the meaning of your tattoo clearer by including other images.

Peony and rabbit tattoo

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Here are a few of the most common themes and what they symbolize.

Snake & Peony Tattoo Meaning

Snake and peony tattoo is one of the best designs you have. It combines both feminine and masculine energies in a single design.

The snake is the emblem of wisdom and protection, and the peony represents fertility. For these reasons, these tattoos are often done together for couples for good luck in conceiving children.

Snake and peonies tattoo

A snake and peony tattoo can be a symbol of the natural cycle of life that exists in all things, giving you a sense of unity. In addition, this tattoo pattern can represent sacred passion and sensuality.

Dragon & Peony Tattoo Meaning

In Japanese tattoo style, the flower we are considering can take on a whole new meaning when paired with the mighty dragon. By itself, the peony usually symbolizes strength and courage in Japanese tattoos. However, next to the dragon, the peony takes on a delicate quality and meaning.

Dragon & Peony Tattoo


Peony and dragon tattoos are mutually complementary, representing both brute strength and a more intellectual, softer sense of courage and bravery. The point of this sketch is to be brave and strong, but to do so with grace. After all, in Japanese culture, it is believed that strength without grace cannot accomplish much or even convince people.

Rose & Peony Tattoo Meaning

Due to their distinctive characteristics, tattoos with roses are on trend among ladies. However, when we talk about peonies, these flowers are as beautiful and rare as roses. Consequently, if you are confused which flower to immortalize on your body, the combination of peony and rose is the best option for you.

Rose & Peony Tattoo Meaning

Peony and rose designs are mesmerizing. A tattoo design featuring both flowers is sure to catch people’s attention, so consider combining both flowers in the same design.

A tattoo of this pair of flowers can symbolize a variety of things, including a connection to your femininity, a celebration of romance, or a desire for lasting love.

Meaning Of Color In A Peony Tattoos

Peony tattoos can be performed in absolutely any color shade and still have an authentic look, because there are in the neighborhood of forty varieties of this plant. Many people choose colors based on what these colors symbolize, rather than simply being guided by the appearance of the flower itself. If you consider that your sketch will be dominated by orange, it can add happiness and joy as meaning, and red can add love and strength.

Tattoo of a peony on the shoulder

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Pink – prosperity, happy married life, wealth.

Purple – embodies positive energy, uniqueness, good luck and wealth.

Red – gives protection, love, honor, respect and passion.

White – is a symbol of delicacy, honor, respect, tranquility, peace, prosperity and wisdom.

Yellow – symbolize joy, new beginnings and holidays.

Coral – symbolize courage, wealth, honor, fortune and love.

Peony Tattoo Styles

Peony tattoos have a rich cultural history, and the tattoo styles associated with them are numerous and varied. The shape of the inflorescences of these flowers lends itself to many different techniques.

Black and Gray – create a very soft, delicate look.

Black & Gray Peony Style Tattoo

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Black-work – large areas of saturated black ink mixed with areas of skin tears give great contrast to the peony, creating a bold and beautiful effect.

Tattoo sleeve peonies

Illustrative – these tattoos are two-dimensional and more artistic, and use color to great effect.

Peony style tattoo illustration

Japanese – done in traditional black and red ink, where black symbolizes enlightenment and red means prosperity and protection from the spirits.

Peony Tattoos: Meaning For Girls And Men, Styles, Desing

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Peony tattoo can look beautiful on many different parts of the body. However, the choice of location for the tattoo depends on personal preference, the style of the tattoo and the size of the image.

Tattoo Locations

Some of the most popular locations for peony tattoos include:

Shoulder and upper arm: this is one of the most popular locations for tattoos of this flower. This tattoo can look beautiful in both large and small sizes, and allows for easy concealment if necessary.
Scapulae: tattoo on the shoulder blades can look very elegant, especially if you use a detailed design. This is also a great place for larger tattoos.
Wrists: a tattoo on the wrists can look very delicate and feminine. It can be done in a small size and will allow for easy concealment if needed.
Breasts: body art on breasts can be very sexy and feminine. This place is great for medium to large tattoos.
Legs: an image on the legs can be very beautiful, especially if it is located on the thigh or calf. Such a tattoo can look very effective when you wear short shorts or a skirt.

Regardless of where you decide to place your desired sketch, it is important to find a talented artist who can create a beautiful and detailed design that fits your desires.

Peony Tattoo Meaning For Girls

Peony tattoos are chosen not only by men, but also by many women.

Tattoo Peony Meaning for Girls

Despite the fact that the flower denotes masculinity, tattoos with its image are universal. For women, the peony in tattoos has its own meanings:

  • happy marriage;
  • a talisman against bad luck, evil looks and jealousy;
  • a sign of purity;
  • the embodiment of feminine beauty;
  • luxury and prosperity.

Peony Tattoo Meaning For Man

Although it seems that this flower should choose women more often, it is present in men’s sketches, as a masculine symbol.

Tattoo Peony Meaning for Men

It has the following meaning for men:

  • amulet against many troubles and protection against death;
  • financial talisman;
  • amulet of wealth and finance;
  • longevity;
  • tranquility;
  • determination and fearlessness.

Black peony tattoo on the hand

If you are not a fan of colored tattoos, but still want a striking tattoo, consider a black peony tattoo as an alternative. For a large black peony sketch, the back or thigh is best. If the black tattoos are done correctly by professionals, they can be quite impressive.


Peonies tattoos and their corresponding flowers represent many different meanings in different cultures, from bashfulness to prosperity to happy marriage. The rich history gives this tattoo added charm and mystery. No matter what style you choose, where you place it, how big or small your tattoo will be, a peony always looks beautiful.