Valknut Tattoo

There is a symbol in Norse mythology that has become a captivating sign of spiritual meaning and power – the Valknut Tattoo. Entering the world of body art, it does hold a rich spectrum of meanings, as well as having a deeply rooted symbolism.

Valknut Tattoo

Join us on this “inky” journey. We will explore the mystery of triangles, delving into the depths of their meanings and symbolism, showcasing breathtaking sketches that continue to impress, mesmerizing body art lovers around the world.

Valknut Symbol

The Valknut symbol, also known as the Knot of the Slain or the Heart of Hrugnir, has its roots in Norse mythology and Viking culture. This impressive sign consists of three interconnected triangles and forms a kind of emblematic knot that impresses scholars and enthusiasts alike.

Tattoo Valknut

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This rune sign is associated with Odin, the God of War. It is believed to symbolize power over life, death and the afterlife. The triangle was used in ancient burials, where it was thought to be associated with the concept of the warrior’s afterlife journey. Serves as a powerful emblem of protection and guidance for those embarking on a dangerous journey.

Valknut Tattoo Meanings

The Valknut tattoo will carry a whole world of meanings for those who choose to wear this ancient pattern on their skin. In essence – it is a personification of the concept of self-sacrifice, readiness to face life’s trials without fear. It is also a reminder of the inevitability of death, of how important it is to live life to the fullest, showing courage and bravery.

Valknut tattoo on the leg

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For some people, the rune is a symbol of the connection between life, death and rebirth, as well as openness to the cyclical nature of existence and nature. If not limited to the association of Valknut with Odin, you will find that any image of him carries symbolism that resonates at a deeper level.

Valknut tattoo on the forearm

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It is a spiritual emblem that is said to represent the meeting place between the divine and the earthly world. It will serve as a guide, protecting the owner from troubles, acting as a spiritual mentor in the turbulent life journeys. Three intersecting triangles symbolize the three kingdoms – Asgard (kingdom of the gods), Midgard (kingdom of the people) and Helheim (kingdom of the dead), while strengthening the connection between these worlds.

Meaning for Women

For modern girls, a tattoo of this sign is not only a beautiful pattern on the skin, but also a powerful amulet. Valknut was known as a symbol of protection, which helped Vikings to scare away evil spirits and ensure safety in traveling. Thus, it will serve as a magical protection for its wearer.

Valknut tattoos for women

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The pattern also symbolizes strength and independence. It is a reminder of the courage and confidence that characterized Viking women, known as “schildmaiden” or “maiden warrior”. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder of inner strength and determination.

Valknut tattoo meaning for women


Each tattoo will become unique as it can be made in different styles and colors. This allows every girl to express her individuality through this ancient sign. Whether you prefer minimalism or a more intense design, the tattoo will be a great decoration for your skin.

Meaning for Men

Valknut tattoo for men is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of strength, loyalty and spiritual inspiration. It will help to express individuality, inspire you to achieve goals, remind you of important life values.

Valknut tattoo for men


If you are looking for a tattoo that is not only beautiful but has a deep symbolic meaning, a runic symbol will be your perfect choice. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and your beliefs through art on your skin.


The location of a tattoo on the body can greatly affect its meaning and visibility. Here are some common placement locations:


Placing the Nordic insignia on the forearm makes the image easy to spot, boldly stating your beliefs and values.


A popular choice for those who want to emphasize the symbol’s association with bravery and strength.


A large sketch on the back will be a sophisticated but colorful element of body art, often chosen by those who want to convey their connection to Norse mythology.


A versatile place for a tattoo that can be easily covered or shown, depending on the wearer’s preference.


A Valknut tattoo on the leg would be a more subtle but meaningful choice, especially for those who want an inconspicuous symbol of their beliefs.


Placing the sketch on the neck is a bold choice. It is a prominent and visible place, suggesting a willingness to proudly display this colorful symbol.

Popular Motifs

Valknut and Runic Compass (Vegvisir) Tattoo

Tattooing is a deeply personal form of self-expression, and combining two symbols, can create a deep and meaningful representation of a person’s beliefs and values. The Vegvisir offers guidance and protection in the face of life’s storms, while the Heart of Hrugnir represents the valor and courage of a warrior.

The Valknut Tattoo and the Runic Compass.

The union of these symbols in one composition is a powerful message about the desire to find the way and bravely confront life’s challenges.

Tattoo Valknut and Yggdrasil Tree

The combination with the Yggdrasil tree symbolizes the intertwining of destinies, sacrifice and the eternal connection between the spiritual and earthly spheres.

Valknut tattoo and Yggdrasil tree


Valknut and Raven Tattoo

In Scandinavian folklore, the raven is a powerful symbol as it represents wisdom and memory. When combined with Valknut in a tattoo, it signifies not only wisdom and memory, but also courage in the face of life’s challenges.

Valknut and Raven tattoo


The Knot of the Chosen is a vast array of spiritual significance, embodying ancient Norse wisdom. The eternal dance between life and death. Those who choose this powerful emblem carry the essence of connection to, courage and protection of every living thing.

Valknut Tattoo

Going beyond its historical roots, the amulet becomes an inspirational beacon for anyone to live fearlessly, embracing the cyclical nature of life discovering the oneness that ultimately connects all beings in the vast cosmos.