Scorpion tattoo meaning for girls and men, photos and locations


If you are looking for an idea for a sketch that is both universally recognizable, but not clichéd, check out the scorpion tattoo and its meaning. This image is not incredibly common, but it is popular among lovers of body art, especially among men.

Tattoo Scorpion Meaning for Men

This symbol, like most taken from the natural world, tends to carry the same associations as the animal to be used in the tattoo. The scorpion is known for its deadliness and ferocity. However, it can also have other meanings, such as being associated with the sign of the zodiac. No matter how you feel about this arthropod, it is certainly a powerful image.

In this article we will give a complete, guide to the scorpion tattoo and its meaning. Consider the styles and places that go with this design. Also consider other images that complement it well.

Scorpion tattoo meaning

Some meanings of the scorpion symbolism are closely related to its character, while others have a deeper meaning.

Death and life

Scorpions are interesting creatures—on the one hand, they represent death and pain. On the other hand, they can symbolize healing and life. That’s why many ancient cultures believed it was better to be on the good side of the scorpion and use its positive meanings rather than its negative ones.

As a symbol of death, it has the ability to kill a person with its toxins. They can be so strong that they can kill a stung person in minutes or hours. The most venomous can be found all over the world, but especially in Brazil, Africa, Asia and, above all, India.

Scorpion tattoo meaning for girls

But interestingly enough, in some ancient cultures, it was believed that the venom of this creature had the ability to heal wounds and cuts. This was especially common in shamanic cultures, where shamans saw the scorpion as the ultimate spiritual guide on the path to healing.


This symbolic meaning follows from the character of the scorpion. They rarely attack, except when they are catching food. They are not aggressive in the first place, but behave from a defensive position. When they defend themselves, they attack violently and often fatally.

Scorpion Tattoo Meaning for Guys

They tend to keep out of sight rather than flaunt themselves. This is especially noticeable during the day, when they spend most of their time hiding in the shadows of larger objects. But when provoked, they activate their powerful defense mechanism and strike.

That’s when they activate their deadly tail, which rises when they see signs of danger. And if they have no other options at all, they will use that tail to sting their attacker, typically resulting in paralysis or death.


Although scorpions are mostly defensive animals, they like to be in complete control of their environment. Sometimes this is not possible because larger predators may be lurking nearby. But even larger animals are sometimes afraid to challenge the scorpion’s possession because of its lethality.

Scorpion tattoo meaning on hand

This makes it a formidable animal in the wild. It will not be intimidated by larger species, and will stand its ground to gain control of an even larger territory.


Representatives of this zodiac sign can consider themselves lucky because it carries many positive meanings. People of this constellation are usually strong and dominant personalities, always seeking to control the world around them rather than submitting to it.

Scorpion tattoo meaning

Other characteristics of the people of this zodiac sign include charisma, assertiveness, intuitiveness, strong will and magnetism. You can see why so many people love this sign and symbol.


Another thing this species is known for is its mating dance, in which the male and female grab each other’s claws and move around while the male tries to maneuver the female. Because of this, the scorpion can mean seduction, sexuality, courtship, excitement, and passion.

Scorpion tattoo meaning for men

Men’s tattoos can be limited and quite rigid. The most popular drawings are done in dark colors on the shin, shoulder blade and shoulder.

Each image is individual, but almost all of them have a common message—a demonstration of strength, masculinity, the ability to stand up for one’s interests and family honor.

The main image can be complemented with images of cold weapons, skulls.

Scorpion tattoo meaning for women

Female scorpion tattoos are still as popular as they have been for years. The scorpion has many meanings for women. They represent strength, adaptability, and even sensuality in combination with other elements.

A two-dimensional image with a stinger high in the air and claws at the ready on the upper body is great for showing strength or power.

For a sensual image, try depicting the scorpion on top in a completely relaxed pose on a sensitive part of the body, such as the wrist or ankle.

It is also a symbol of maternal protection, because the scorpion is an animal that protects its cubs by carrying them on its back until they can protect themselves.

Colors and placement of the scorpion tattoo

The color palette of the tattoo can vary. Color can be used to give a realistic look. More often than not, they are applied with monochromatic ink in a dark color.

Scorpion tattoo meaning

The location and size depends only on your choice. Medium to large sketches look great on the back, arm, shoulders, chest, and waist. Try depicting a scorpion on your chest with its tail going over your shoulder—it looks really cool.

Tiny tattoos look great behind the ear, on the arm, hip, calf and ankle. Some women get a tiny tattoo just under the bikini line.


A scorpion tattoo on the forearm can be incredibly detailed and realistic, and the colors can be bold and bright or just plain black.

Usually located in the middle of the forearm, it gives the impression of a scorpion crawling up the elbow.

Black scorpion tattoo

These drawings are very cool and unique and are sure to draw attention.


Want a large scale tattoo? One of the best options for you would be to get it on your back. With its larger-than-life dimensions and impressive detailing, attention is guaranteed for you.

Scorpion tattoo meaning on the back


The location on the thigh is also perfect for this tattoo, making it very sexy and provocative.

Meaning of the scorpion tattoo

People who get such sexy tattoos definitely have a feisty and attractive personality!


This particular image is super cool and looks awesome on the neck of the wearer. Ultimately, the best neck tattoo for you is one that you feel comfortable with. And one that accentuates your personality.

Scorpion tattoo meaning on the neck


Tattooing on the leg is also popular. It is most often chosen by guys who are looking for a tattoo that is both masculine and alarming.

Scorpion tattoo

Scorpion tattoo styles

If you are looking for scorpion tattoo design ideas, here are some of the styles that look best with this image.

Geometric style

Many people look for beauty in simplicity. For such people, geometric tattoos are the right choice. If you think that geometric images are simple, then you are wrong. It takes a lot of creativity and experience to create these amazing shapes.

A geometric scorpion tattoo is a terrific choice for those who want unique and stylish body art.

Scorpion tattoo meaning

This type of tattoo depicts a scorpion with geometric shapes and patterns. The shapes and patterns can be altered to create a tattoo that is truly unique.

Realism style

The scorpion motif will look great in a realistic style, and you will be the lucky owner of a small masterpiece that takes a lot of effort and talent.

Scorpion tattoo meaning

Blackwork style

The dark and strong strokes of this style perfectly match the scorpion character and create a wonderful effect by using black ink, shading, and other complementary techniques.

Scorpion tattoo on the side meaning

Tribal style

In tribal style, this animal looks strong and distinctive. It is a classic tattoo that has undergone many changes over the years. It looks best in one color, usually black, with which you tie all the details of the design together.

Scorpion tattoo meaning on shoulder

Minimalist style

If you believe that beauty is in simplicity, then body art in a minimalist style will definitely find a place on your skin.

Scorpion tattoo minimalism

Tattoo of a scorpion with a rose

The scorpion and rose tattoo is a popular tattoo design that combines these two symbols together. The scorpion is often seen as a symbol of strength and power, and the rose as a symbol of love and beauty.

Scorpio and Rose Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo design can represent the duality of human nature, and is typically seen as a way to show strength and vulnerability at the same time.

Scorpion and a rose tattoo

This cool design depicts an artfully detailed scorpion with a beautiful rose as the stinger, making it the perfect option for those who want to add a subtle feminine touch to their image.

Scorpion tattoo meaning as a zodiac sign

Although each zodiac sign is unique with its own traits, both good and bad, the scorpion is always at the top of the list of controversial signs.

Scorpio tattoo zodiac sign meaning

They radiate such power and energy that they are loved to hate and hated to love. But if you yourself or your family members are of this sign, you know exactly how loyal and determined they can be. That makes them valuable and needed by their loved ones.

Scorpion tattoo constellation on the arm

So when it comes to getting a tattoo, you can use the qualities we discussed above.


Regardless of where you decide to get a tattoo on your body or what style you prefer, a tattoo with this image is sure to make you look very cool. With its associations of strength, deadliness, protection and ferocity, this tattoo is not for wimps.